2022 State Election

A Victorian State Election will be held on Saturday 26 November 2022. Public sector entities and employees must adhere to the Guidelines on the Caretaker Conventions to protect the political neutrality of public sector agencies, preserve the autonomy of an incoming government and ensure that the State’s resources are used appropriately leading up to the election.

A caretaker period precedes all State elections. Caretaker is expected to commence at 6 pm on 1 November 2022, concluding when a clear result is known and implemented.

The key principles observed during caretaker are:

  • Avoiding implementing major policy decisions: governments should avoid implementing major policy decisions during the caretaker period that would be likely to commit an incoming government or limit its freedom to act.
  • Avoiding significant appointments: governments should defer making significant appointments that would commence during or after the caretaker period.
  • Avoiding entering major contracts or undertakings: governments should avoid entering into major contracts or undertakings during the caretaker period, subject to the exceptions specified in the Guidelines.
  • Managing intergovernmental negotiations and visits: governments should seek to defer intergovernmental negotiations during the caretaker period or adopt observer status until the end of the caretaker period.
  • Maintaining an apolitical public service: the Victorian public sector must avoid involvement in political activities in the course of their work, including during the caretaker period.

During this period, Caretaker Conventions must be observed, with wide-ranging implications for how agencies plan and deliver their work.

Guidelines on the Caretaker Conventions are available on the Victorian Government website to support adherence to the conventions.

The VPSC publishes information to assist all public sector employees to observe the Caretaker Conventions, as well as a Guide for employees during election periods. This is in addition to broader materials supporting an apolitical and professional public sector, including the VPSC Guidance on Informing and Advising Ministers, and the Standards for Application of the Public Sector Employment Principles.

Guidance on the use of portfolio premises is under development and will be added to this site once finalised.

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For further information on the caretaker conventions or broader incoming government work, please contact your DELWP relationship manager or email IncomingGovernment@delwp.vic.gov.au

Page last updated: 03/06/22