Graduate profileElla Loefller

  • Graduate: Ella
  • Job Title: Biodiversity Project Officer, Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning
  • University course: Bachelor of Zoology and Ecology

A few tips

    Working in government isn’t as scary or rigid as Ella thought it would be – there’s a lot of innovation and passion! There’s exciting work happening across the Department, and lots of things to get involved in.

    What a typical working day looks like for Ella

8:00 am

The alarm goes off. I hit snooze until 8:29 am when I roll out of bed to start the day (still in my pyjamas).

8:30 am

I attend a virtual daily 30-minute team catch up with the three others in my team. We have an unspoken rule that cameras are off at this time of day. We use this as a time to fill each other in on our tasks for the day, any important news or information, and any urgent tasks. We also use this as a time to check in on how everyone is doing in general.

9:00 am

After the catch up I’ll go make myself a cup of tea and a bowl of oats. I check my emails, read the news and check my Twitter feed. I might have an email from my manager with a task for the day, or some invitations to attend work meetings for the week ahead

10:00 am

I attend a virtual meeting about Biodiversity bushfire recovery. Various project leads provide an update to the broader team. I take notes so I know where different projects are at for reporting or communications.

11:00 am

I work on a summary document from a meeting held last week – this includes typing up notes into a two-page summary document to send out and progress.

12:30 pm

I change out of my pyjamas and make myself some lunch – hopefully, there are some leftovers in the fridge, otherwise, I’ll cook something quick (one of the benefits of working from home) or if I’m feeling particularly lazy/ have a busy day, I might treat myself to takeaway.

1:00 pm

I go for a walk while I catch up on the phone with my grad mentor. We speak once or twice a month to chat about what I’ve been doing, and if I have any challenges at work. It’s nice to have a different person to chat to and get to know from a different team in the Department. They’re also great at offering advice!

Graduate Ella Loefller wearing pink mask and patting white cat

2:00 pm

Meeting with researchers from a University to update us on a project they’re carrying out on the impact of bushfires on native wildlife.

3:00 pm

Focus time. I’m my most productive in the afternoon, so I try to block out at least a couple of quiet hours to work on some tasks. This might be brief to the Minister, a funding proposal, or reporting on a project I’m helping coordinate.

5:00 pm

Sign off for the day.

6:00 pm

Once or twice a week I’ll go to a yoga class or head to my local pool for a swim. On non-exercise days this will likely be replaced by a nap.

7:00 pm

Dinner with my share house. We share the cooking throughout the week and definitely sharpened our cooking skills during the lockdown. We don’t have a dishwasher so whoever didn’t cook gets to wash up.

8:30 pm

Read a book, facetime a friend from interstate, hang out with my housemates or watch something on Netflix.

11:00 pm

Bed time!

Page last updated: 12/07/21