Research to inform the future

Every two years, DELWP conducts in-depth research with our key stakeholders and customers to gauge how effectively the department is tracking on our promise to be inclusive, available, listen, and be efficient and effective in our dealings with you. The research asks questions such as:

  • Are we easy to contact?
  • Is our information clear and easy to find?
  • Do we understand your needs?
  • Do we respond quickly to your feedback and are we consistent in our approach?

Feedback from 2017 highlighted that we had room for improvement in helping customers and stakeholders engage with us and navigate our services, including:

  • being more consistent in our service delivery and providing a coordinated, integrated approach from our central offices and regions;
  • being easy to contact and responsive, providing stakeholders with clear, easy-to-access information, including regular updates on policy implementation; and,
  • championing gender equality and diversity; fostering our strong regional focus and managing the impact of internal department changes on external stakeholders.

community charter

You said We heard We're doing
There is disconnection up and down the hierarchy and between head office and regions   We need a more consistent approach with how, and when, we contact our stakeholders   Developing a centralised stakeholder engagement tool to record our interactions with you  
There are difficulties in navigating DELWP and how and where to get information   We need to improve how we provide information to the community and how we make clear who you should speak with at DELWP   Introduced content in Victoria’s 10 most spoken languages other than English.
Developing a community engagement framework. Engage@DELWP - and training staff to support it
Introducing a Customer Effort Score to understand and fix customer pain points 
There is a lack of coordination and integration across DELWP We need to have a mechanism for coordinating cross-cutting policy and providing a ‘One DELWP’ view Establishing a new Strategy and Performance Division to improve policy coordination and collaboration
DELWP could be more responsive, agile, manage expectations, be clear about its processes and decisions, and address contentious issues We need to be clearer about why we are engaging, what you can influence, and how we will give feedback and updates Developing the Engage@DELWP Framework to show why we engage, what you can influence, and how we will give consistent feedback
There's little knowledge or understanding of the DELWP Community Charter by customers and stakeholders - and some staff in the department. We need to ensure we’re keeping our promise to put the community at the centre of everything we do We relaunched the Community charter with staff in April 2018: 400+ staff took a pledge to be available; speak and listen; and take action
To ensure our stakeholders can meaningfully influence policies that most affect them, we sought public feedback on 61 priority projects in development through Engage Victoria. ​

To see more about how this feedback is shaping our programming, please see the below video:

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