The department’s strategic framework sets out how we have organised our business to achieve our vision for thriving environments and communities. Our 8 outcomes and their outcome indicators are organised to align to the Victorian Government’s outcomes architecture. They tell the story of what we focus on and how we will achieve our goals.

State outcome: DELWP's vision: DELWP's promise to the people of Victoria is:
A stronger, fairer, better Victoria Thriving environments and communities We will: Be available; Speak and listen; and Take action
Outcomes Outcome indicators
Our business is: DELWP's goals are: To succeed, we must:
Climate change icon
Climate Change
Zero emission, climate-ready economy and community
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase community capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • Increase the Victorian economy's ability to transition to net zero emissions
Environment icon
Environmental Management
Healthy, resilient and biodiverse environment
  • Reduce the harmful effects of pollution and waste on human health and the environment
  • Secure a net improvement in the outlook for species
  • Increase Victorians valuing nature
Water icon
Safe, sustainable and productive water resources
  • Increase the environmental condition of priority waterways and catchments
  • Increase participation of Traditional Owners in sustainable water management
  • Increase Victoria’s water security
Energy icon
Reliable, sustainable and affordable energy services
  • Increase the affordability and accessibility of energy services
  • Improve the reliability, security and stability of energy systems
  • Reduce emissions from Victoria’s energy system
  • Increase consumer control over household energy costs
  • Increase jobs and economic development in the energy sector
Land management icon
Land Management
Productive and effective land management
  • Increase the sustainable management of public and private land
  • Increase participation of Traditional Owners in land management decision-making and practices
  • Increase public value benefits from government land
  • Increase the quality and accessibility of land administration
Planning icon
A safe and quality built-environment
  • Improve access to attractive, safe and inclusive public spaces and neighbourhoods
  • Increase the effective protection of cultural and natural heritage
  • Improve the proximity of housing and employment opportunities
Local government icon
Local Government
Sustainable and effective local governments
  • Increase the transparency and accountability of local government decision making
  • Increase community engagement and satisfaction with local government
  • Increase the financial health and viability of local government
  • Increase the capacity of local government to provide vital community infrastructure and services
Fire and emergency icon
Emergency Management
Reduced impact of major bushfires and other emergencies on people, property and the environment
  • Increase the level of preparedness for bushfires and other emergencies
  • Increase community understanding of potential risks and impacts of bushfires and other emergencies
  • Increase the ability of people and communities to respond to and recover from bushfires and other emergencies
  • Increase the ability of ecosystems to recover from destructive natural events
Our Values are:
TeamworkTeamwork Wellbeing iconWellbeing and safety Service excellenceService excellence Ownership iconOwnership
Our organisational pillars are:
Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians iconSelf-determination of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians will be recognised and supported
Collaborative icon Collaborative leadership and a positive culture
Increased engagement Increased engagement, partnerships and service excellence
Government icon High performance and delivery for government
One DELWP icon Personal accountability, and a one-DELWP mindset in everything we do

Challenges and opportunities

Current and emerging national and global conditions pose challenges and opportunities for Victoria and have implications for achieving our outcomes. These include:

  • population growth
  • climate change
  • water scarcity
  • human lifestyles
  • environmental emergencies

Page last updated: 26/09/20