We work with great people

We employ a workforce of diverse, talented and dedicated people from a broad range of professions and with specialised skills. Our people are adept at balancing the needs of the communities we serve with the long-term needs of our natural and built environments.

Community Charter

Be available

Place-based community focus Talk to you where you live, work and play, and be visible in local communities
Accessibility Make sure we are easy to contact and our information is straightforward and available in a variety of different ways
Flexibility Respect the way you want to work with us, and adapt our approach according to local needs

Speak and listen

Active listening and understanding Listen to and understand your views and needs and respect different opinions
Honesty and transparency Be honest about what’s driving our priorities, what we can and can’t promise to do, our timelines and why decisions have been made
Clarity and purposefulness Be clear why and how we are engaging, making sure we give you real opportunities to influence and make a difference

Take action

Timely and proactive Talk to the community as early as we can, responding quickly to issues and feedback
Consistency Ensure we are consistent in the way we approach decisions
Closing the loop Inform communities about the outcomes of projects and if our plans change we will let you know when this happens and why

Read more about our Community Charter.

Our operating model

Our organisational pillars

The delivery of the outcomes outlined in this plan are enabled by our 5 organisational pillars.

Our organisational pillars are:
Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians iconSelf-determination of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians will be recognised and supported
Collaborative icon Collaborative leadership and a positive culture
Increased engagement Increased engagement, partnerships and service excellence
Government icon High performance and delivery for government
One DELWP icon Personal accountability, and a one-DELWP mindset in everything we do

Page last updated: 29/08/19