Using the best science to understand forest values and protections

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) will undertake a scientific assessment of environmental, biodiversity and other values in the Immediate Protection Areas, and assessments of Aboriginal cultural heritage values, rights and interests provided to VEAC by the Traditional Owners Corporations of the land will be reproduced in the reports.

VEAC’s assessment of the forest values and threats to those values, will support the work of the Eminent Panel for Community Engagement by providing advice on the appropriate land use categories commensurate with protecting the identified values of the Immediate Protection Areas, and state forest in eastern Victoria.

The Panel will draw on VEAC’s publicly available assessment to undertake community consultation, and examine the intersect of shared Traditional Owner cultural values and those of the broader community, in keeping with broader Government commitments to self determination, and the Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Landscape Strategy .

Visit the VEAC website for more information and details of assessments.

Page last updated: 08/08/22