Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is our current cadastre?

Less than 4 per cent of parcels in Vicmap Property urban and peri-urban areas currently meet the high spatial accuracy requirements of users. These areas  make up 70 per cent of Victoria’s land property parcels.  

Furthermore,  in some regional areas the accuracy of Vicmap Property can vary up to 25-50 metres from the true cadastral position.  While accuracy has improved over the last seven years through new surveys, the geographic extent of these accuracies still reflects the original map base control from the 1990s.  

Table 1. Current Vicmap parcel accuracies sourced from the Vicmap CAD Area Boundary From_Precision field.

2013 figures as shown in the Vicmap Property description

Will the new digital cadastre include historical survey information?

In part yes. Only parcels from plans that have a ‘live’ parcel (Parcel SPI), as well as an associated Abstract of Field Note, are being back captured.  The complete catalogue of historic plans will not be back captured.

We will make the ‘adjusted’ digital cadastre available as a dataset as well as the original (title and survey) measurements contained in back captured and registered LandXML files. This can be made available as a ‘clipped’ area determined by a polygon of interest, or by parcel and all relevant survey information.

Where will the initial areas be for back capture?

The back capture of registered plans is being undertaken by local government area. The back capture started with Fishermans Bend (for a proof of concept digital twin project). Back capture then moved to Whittlesea Council   and then proceeded to capture surrounding local government areas to the south and east of Whittlesea.

For more information on the sequence of this stage of the project (Back capture of survey plan data) please refer to Stage 1: Back capture > Back capture schedule for Victoria.

Will the project take onboard cadastral bases already maintained by other sectors?

The DCM Project  will use a range of data, not just data back captured from subdivision plans.

High-quality data that was produced by registered surveyors for other organisations  will improve the accuracy of the parcel layer developed and is of value to project.

Will the new dataset be aligned with GDA2020?

Yes, the digital cadastre will align with/adopt the GDA2020 datum.

How do cadastral rights get reflected in cadastral redesign?

This project is not redesigning the cadastre, it will deliver a digital representation of the cadastre with improved spatial accuracy.Cadastral rights, responsibilities and restrictions will not change in relation to the land title for a parcel.

What checks and validation processes will be put in place?

There are 800,000 PDF plans and surveys held as electronic files by the State Government  - these document Victoria’s 3.3 million parcels of land. The PDF plans of these parcels are sent to the  supplier of Stage 1 : Back capture who migrates defined information from the plans and surveys into a LandXML file.

These digital files are quality checked by an automated system against a defined set of validation rules and a percentage is further manually checked and compared to the original plan and survey for quality assurance by Land Use Victoria.

Will this project deliver 2D or 3D?

The DCM Project will deliver a more spatially accurate 2D digital representation of the cadastre.

How will my dataset be affected?

The answer to this question depends on how your datasets were created.

If your dataset was created using GPS, you may not need to make any changes to your data as a result of using the new digital cadastre.

If your dataset was created with a dependence on Vicmap property data your organisational datasets may need to be integrated in reference to a more spatially accurate digital cadastre in the future.

How will we align our database to match the new dataset? Will you have any processes to help us do the alignment?

The DCM Project’s Transformation Team are working with stakeholders to assist them in the preparation of their organisational datasets in readiness for the adoption of (or transition to) the new upgraded digital cadastre on Vicmap Property.

Who is DELWP partnering with for research – is there scope for innovation when intersecting with research organisations?

DELWP is closely connected with a wide range of research partners in Victoria. The DCM Project will need to use the leverage from these research partnerships as it progresses, and as data becomes increasingly available.

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Page last updated: 22/05/20