This stage will enhance and automate our processes for keeping the digital cadastre and other VicmapTM layers up to date and spatially accurate.

It involves enhancing existing systems to automate the process of maintaining Victoria’s digital cadastre and will realise the Department’s strategic goal to achieve 100% digital lodgement of ePlans through the Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR) system.

In order to realise the full benefits of a spatially accurate digital cadastre, the Automation stage will modernise the way in which Victoria’s digital cadastre is updated by:

  • making the flow of cadastral information managed by SPEAR completely digital;
  • enabling automated maintenance of the digital cadastre upon the registration of property transactions and/or dealings that alter the cadastre.
  • This stage of the project is currently being procured.

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What is SPEAR?

SPEAR is an online system maintained by DELWP that allows subdivision planning permit and certification applications to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved and tracked online, together with the creation and submission of other land-based applications under the Subdivision Act 1988, and various applications under the Transfer of Land Act 1958 and Local Government Act 1989.

SPEAR also allows Licensed Surveyors to submit specific applications to Surveyor-General Victoria.  At the present time, the majority of cadastral plans and surveys are submitted, managed and distributed as PDF documents.

Page last updated: 19/02/20