Formed in May 2019, our Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) includes 48 representatives from industry sectors and government agencies including: local and state government, emergency services, utilities, consultancies, surveyors and industry bodies.

Stakeholder Reference Group meetings

SRG meetings are held as required to contribute to project milestones and to facilitate discussion that enables DELWP to understand the impact of the project and how to support stakeholders with the transition. Here is a brief record of the DELWP – SRG engagement so far:

June 2019

  • Welcome and overview of the DCM project
  • Discussion of how SRG will operate, and work with DELWP
  • Listening to feedback on the potential impact to key industry sectors

October 2019

  • Validation of early stakeholder insights
  • Delivery of information related to the first two stages of delivery - Stage 1 and Stage 2 - including the rationale and insights into the methodology to be used
  • Feedback on the DCM Transformation Roadmap, which describes activities that will support stakeholders to transition their processes and systems

April 2020

  • Update on project timelines, including likely delivery dates for adjusted data
  • Deep dive into the adjustment outcomes of Stage 2, demonstration of an actual outcome of adjusted parcel data using a visualisation of node for a part of the Fishermans Bend pilot
  • Road testing of the Readiness Index, which will help stakeholders understand how prepared they are to implement the upgraded digital cadastre

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SRG Meeting December 2019

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