Changes to Vicmap API

As part of our commitment to service improvement, we are pleased to announce an upgrade to the Vicmap API service. The new service will be called Vicmap Basemap.

The existing Vicmap API service and website ( has been replaced by this website which is currently under review. Please contact if you are interested in accessing the new service.

Vicmap API and Vicmap Basemap

Vicmap API was a JavaScript mapping Application Programming Interface (API) created with the purpose of delivering integrated base maps generated from Vicmap and other agreed DELWP spatial data.

The new Vicmap Basemap continues to deliver the latest Vicmap mapping data without the OpenLayers JavaScript component. GIS specialists and users can easily integrate Vicmap Basemaps into their desktop environment with a single line of code. Developers can develop their mapping portal using Open Layers, Leaflet and other applications and integrate Vicmap Basemaps as their base map layer just as easily.

Please note that Vicmap Basemaps service is undergoing improvement works in 2019 based on customer feedback. We will keep you updated via our News updates.

Vicmap Basemap is a simple web map tile service ready to use in any web map website or desktop environment.

It is Victoria's web mapping tool to display your business-critical information in an authoritative, current and clear context.

  • Features of the service:
  • built on Vicmap - the foundation that underlies most spatial information in Victoria
  • base Vicmap products are constantly maintained
  • allows you to overlay & publish your business information
  • Weekly map tile updates reflecting the latest land developments

Overlay your information over one of three basemaps:
MAP - current detailed base maps
IMAGERY - clear aerial imagery
HYBRID - crisp maps overlaid over aerial imagery

Page last updated: 28/08/19