Knowledge Base (FAQ)

Vicmap API has recently undergone architectural upgrade and is not a true API but simply a web mapping tile service. Vicmap Basemap is the new name that better reflects the new service.
The former OpenLayers JavaScript library is no longer available. Vicmap Basemap is now simply a tile service which uses industry OGC standards such as Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) for geographic data access.

Vicmap Basemap is the new web mapping service that serves up the latest Vicmap data in a variety of web mapping raster tile formats, styles and two projections. The projections being Web Mercator and VicGrid. There is no JavaScript code associated with the service..

Vicmap Basemap differentiates itself form the other web map applications in the key aspects of currency, accuracy, completeness and reliability. Vicmap Basemap map tiles are created from the latest available sources of Vicmap information that is maintained and updated on a daily basis. Vicmap Basemap is currently maintained on a weekly cycle. Google map data for example is maintained on an ad hoc basis usually from crowd sourced information making it very risky to be used by Government and ESO's (Emergency Service Organisations).

Vicmap Basemaps  addresses the need to minimise risk within government agencies who may be using the commercially available mapping services. Wrong features and wrong location information used by key decision makers and emergency services personnel may impact on human life at those critical times. For example, If a new subdivision or house address is missing on the map base in a location in front of a moving fire front, it may not be accounted for in the planning of fighting the wild fire and disaster will follow. Ambulances need the correct address to arrive at the correct location and treat a heart attack victim in a timely manner. At the other end of the scale decision makers need correct, accurate and timely information to simply make the right decision based on correct information.

Vicmap API imagery utilises the latest State-wide coverage of Landcover 2009-11 photography mosaic cut at 50cm pixel and available down to 1:2500 scale on the API.

Once new photography is flown it is used to update the API imagery content. In addition the Melbourne Metropolitan area is covered by the latest 10cm imagery. This is updated when new coverage is available, generally on a six monthly basis. Further to the high resolution Melbourne imagery, a number of major rural towns are covered by the API, namely: LaTrobe cities Bendigo, and Wangaratta. More rural towns will be added in the future.

Vicmap API the mapping and hybrid tiles are updated weekly, Imagery is updated annually for Melbourne Metropolitan area and every 1-3 years in the regional areas. Please see the Data Currency for the latest metadata for mapping and imagery components

A variety of licensing levels are available from Large corporate licenses that may utilise the imagery component in their products to single seat licenses. Educational and community groups licenses are also available. A new licensing model will become available by the end of 2019

There is a licence service fee that is payable for incorporating Vicmap Basemap into your business website or utilising it on your desktop GIS application.  The fee is based on annual usage i.e. map views and does allow for a business to run a number of different services and be charged for it as one service. If the business has an existing Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) license further discounts and credits will apply. Contact the product manager for a pricing model that will suit your organisation. Email Vicmap Basemaps are freely viewable via DLEWP’s Mapshare portal and other government mapping applications such as VicPlan

A standard 9 to 5 business hours SLA is available to all customers. As Vicmap API base tiles are served up from the Amazon Web Services Cloud and no application code is used the service can be considered a de facto 24/7 service with high availability.

Page last updated: 18/07/19