ValueFeatureCoordinate Featured on the following maps
Vicmap Topographic 1:25 000
Vicmap Topographic 1:50 000
Area of Victoria 227,600 sq km Not applicable Multiple maps
Highest Point Mt Bogong, 1986m 147°18'21"E 36°43'57"S Mitta Mitta South 8324-1-S 
Mitta Mitta 8324-N
Lowest Point Morwell Open Cut Mine, -52 m 146°22'49"E 38°14'58"S Moe South 8121-1-S 
Moe 8121-N
Longest River Goulburn River, 654 km Not applicable Multiple Maps
Largest LakeLake Corangamite, 209 sq km143°24'16"E 38°10'45"SCorangamite 7521-N
Largest Island French Island, 170 sq km 145°21'19"E 38°21'15"S Western Port North 7921-2-N 
Western Port 7921-S
Northern Most Point Murray River 140°57'51"E 33°58'53"S 7030-2-2-2 (Vicmap 1:30 000)
Southern Most Point Boundary Islet (shortest land boundary in Australia) 147°01'18"E 39°12'00"S, No map available
Southern Most Point (mainland) South Point 146°22'29"E 39°08'13"S Mt Boulder South 8128-1-S 
Wilsons Promontory Special
Western Most Point Approximately 450 km along the South Australian Boundary 140°57'45"E, 38°03'21"S to  Multiple Maps
140°57'45"E 33°58'53"S,
Eastern Most Point Cape Howe 149°58'35"E 37°30'19"S, Mallacoota North 8822-1-N 
Mallacoota 8822-N
Geographic Centre of Victoria Mandurang 144°16'52"E  36°51'15"S Bendigo North 7724-2-N 
Bendigo 7724-S
Demoraphic Centre of Melbourne (2002) Glen Iris 145°04'16"E  37°51'30"S Ringwood South 7922-3-S 
Monbulk 7922-S
Longest Distance (as the magpie flies) Approx. 900 kms (from northerly point to eastern most point) Not applicable Multiple Maps

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