Vicmap Viewer

Vicmap Viewer is a new mobile mapping app which allows users to easily discover, purchase and download more than 10,000 topographic maps over Victoria onto their mobile device.

Vicmap Viewer brings together authoritative government mapping in four different scales and can be used for emergency services, navigation, and for a range of recreational activities including bushwalking, cycling, and four wheel driving.

Vicmap Viewer makes it convenient to download topographic maps on your mobile device, then view offline, providing users access to topographic maps anywhere, anytime.

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Changes to Vicmap Topographic 1:30 000 Custom Maps

We have addressed some user issues and have made improvements to this product.

The new map base is of a better resolution and now depicts up to date information.  Beside the resolution improvement other changes to note are different depictions of crown land and tree cover as well as larger font size. The larger font size may result in less features being labelled.  Building footprints and parcel lines will not be available on the custom maps but will be retained on the standard 1:30 000 A3 and A4 mapping.

Online Hardcopy Distribution Now Available

Online hardcopy mapping is now available.

Users can now access and purchase both their digital and hardcopy Vicmap topographic maps from the same government website.

Please read below for search and ordering maps, map locations, sample mapsheets and issues with your order and shipping information.

For discovering and ordering hardcopy maps please go to Discover and order your map - steps

Daylesford north Castlemaine-WoodendWilsons Promontory Special

New Hardcopy Map

Wilsons Promontory Special 1:50 000

A new double sided map featuring:

  • Wilsons Promontory National Park
  • New walking track and campsite information
  • The latest aerial imagery over the park on the reverse side.


Maps for Summer

It’s summer time! Perfect for visiting the beach, eating ice creams and promenading the waterfront. So make sure you’ve got your hat and sunscreen on and head for the waters.

The Peninsula Special  1:50 000

The Halls Gap Special 1:25 000

Ararat 7423-S  1:50 000

New Digital Map Series: Vicmap Topographic 1:25 000, 1:50 000 and 1:30 000 A3

New 2019 editions of Vicmap Topographic Mapping 1:25 000, 1:50 000 and 1:30 000 A3 GeoPDFs are now available. Comprising of over 4,000 state wide map sheets, these series are ideal for emergency services, asset and resource planers, and recreational users. These GeoPDFS can be easily accessed via > Topographic maps and the mobile app, Vicmap Viewer.

Page last updated: 17/01/20