Every two weeks a language disappears, taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage, according to the United Nations.

As part of the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages, DELWP aims to promote and preserve First Peoples’ Languages in Victoria.

Our Geographic Names Victoria team is engaging with Traditional Owners about place names on Country and helping promote the significance of language, place and culture.

This video was recorded at Woowookarung (Place of Plenty) Regional Park near Ballarat.  It features Uncle Bryon Powell, Elder, Traditional Owner and Custodian of Wadawurrung Country and Stephanie Skinner, Traditional Owner and Custodian of Wadawurrung Country.

In the video Uncle Bryon and his niece Stephanie discuss the importance of First Peoples’ place names, and the preservation of the Wadawurrung language for future generations.

Page last updated: 07/05/22