On-ground assessments to replace or repair damaged boundary fence lines adjoining National Parks and State Forests following last summer’s bushfires are complete.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) recovery teams have assessed 115 fire-affected properties in the Upper Murray Fire District to determine damage to fences as a result of the Walwa fire.

FFMVic Upper Murray District Manager, Dave Jenson, said: “Since February, our crews have worked tirelessly to complete fencing assessments covering almost 300 kilometres.

“That’s the equivalent distance to driving from Melbourne to Wodonga.”

The assessments were part of the Victorian Government’s Boundary Fencing Program which provided eligible landowners $5000 per kilometre for materials to repair or upgrade fire-affected fences on the public land interface.

Through the program, landowners were given the opportunity to upgrade their boundary fences to make them fire-resistant with concrete posts and better able to exclude pests such as wild dogs.

“FFMVic crews and contractors have also completed more than 170 kilometres of hazardous tree works near boundary fence lines to reduce the risk to landholders, fencing contractors and BlazeAid volunteers,” Mr Jenson said.

“We know that clearing and rebuilding fencing that’s been damaged by fire is backbreaking work and to be able to support landholders as they rebuild is extremely pleasing.”

The Upper Murray fires were started by lighting on 29 December 2019 and burnt approximately 226,000-hectares of public and private land.

All on-ground recovery works comply with DHHS requirements to prioritise the safety of our staff and the Victorian community.

For further information regarding this program contact FFMVic on (02) 6071 5359 or email hume.recovery@delwp.vic.gov.au

To find out about other assistance available to landowners please visit: www.vic.gov.au/bushfire-recovery-victoria

Crews complete boundary fencing works following Upper Murray fires

Page last updated: 01/09/20