Around Australia and the world, recycling markets have faced significant challenges in recent years that have impacted waste and recycling systems globally, including here in Victoria.

One of the ways this challenge is being addressed in Victoria is through the establishment of   new waste legislation and a waste authority – part of Recycling Victoria - our $300 million, 10-year plan to deliver a waste and recycling system Victorians can rely on.

To ensure that happens the government needs the right tools, information and laws.

Sebastian Chapman, Executive Director Waste and Recycling says that a whole of sector law would address these gaps. “The shocks and changes to waste and recycling have threatened our capacity to collect and recycle materials effectively and use them in new products, which is rightly what the public expect from the system, “Sebastian said.

The new waste law and waste authority will:

  • Set industry standards
  • Improve waste and recycling services
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthen the sector.

“We’d like to hear from all Victorians with an interest in the system and how it operates - particularly industry, small and larger businesses and local government – with their views on what is and isn’t working and how we can change that for the better.” New waste authority

The proposed new waste authority would set and regulate sector standards as well as gather and manage data. ”We need that data to understand what materials are being recycled, where they’re going and whether there are markets for the recycled products. That’s key to the system’s effectiveness.”

The new authority will assume the functions currently sitting with the Waste and Resource Recovery Groups and some of Sustainability Victoria’s work.

These changes are set to start in 2021.

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