The Executive Director of Heritage Victoria has recommended that Federation Square be included on the Victorian Heritage Register for its historical, architectural, aesthetic, cultural and technical significance to the State of Victoria.

The recommendation will be advertised for 60-days to allow the community to have its say.

The final decision to include or not include Federation Square on the Register will be made by the Heritage Council of Victoria, an independent statutory body established by the Heritage Act 2017.

If Federation Square is included on the Victorian Heritage Register this would not prevent future use or development.

A permit application could be made to Heritage Victoria for proposed works or activities to a place on the Register.

Around 300 permits allowing works to heritage places are issued by Heritage Victoria each year.

On 20 July 2018, Heritage Victoria received a nomination to include Federation Square on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Heritage Victoria accepted the nomination and issued an Interim Protection Order (IPO) to allow for the assessment of works related to the Melbourne Metro project involving demolition of the Melbourne Information Centre.

A permit for these works was provided on 21 September 2018.

The Heritage Act 2017 does not specify a minimum age for places and objects to be included in the Victorian Heritage Register.

There are a number are examples of places recognised as having State level heritage significance soon after their completion, including the National Gallery of Victoria and the Victorian Arts Centre.

For more information on the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria’s recommendation: