Nearly 7,000 cubic metres of sand will be deposited at two popular Bellarine beaches, just in time for the summer holidays.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) will deliver the works at Indented Head to address coastal erosion, as part of the Victorian Government’s $8 million Port Phillip Bay Beaches Renourishment Program.

Starting later this month, trucks will transport approximately 5,000 cubic metres of sand to a stretch of beach at Taylor Reserve, and close to 2,000 cubic metres to shoreline at Wrathall Reserve.

The beach renourishments are designed to protect the coastline from further erosion, caused by more severe storms and rising sea levels attributed to climate change.

Increasing the width of the beaches by approximately 15 metres, the works will provide up to ten years of protection for these vulnerable sections of coastline.

Earlier this year, DELWP sought community input on the specific locations for the works and on the method of renourishment.

The community consultation revealed a preference for sand which would stay in place for the longest time and which would match the sand currently found on these beaches.

The new sand will be sourced from coastal sites on the Bellarine Peninsula, where excess sand has built up over the last five years.

Taken from deposits near Bellarine Peninsula boat ramps and the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal, the new sand will be similar in colour and texture to the existing sand on the beaches.

Access to Taylor Reserve and Wrathall Reserve beaches will be restricted during the works, as trucks and large earthmoving equipment deliver and shape the new sand over approximately two weeks.

DELWP is asking that people respect the safety barriers which will close off unsafe sections of shoreline.

Delivery of $1.9 million of beach renourishments on the northern Bellarine Peninsula will continue next year, with works to take place at Half Moon Bay in Indented Head and at multiple sites at St Leonards.

Staff and contractors will adhere to physical distancing and hygiene requirements to ensure operations

are carried out safely.

Quotes attributable to DELWP Regional Manager of Land and Built Environment, Greg Leece:

“The sand we’re delivering to these beaches is the equivalent of more than 250 semi-trailer loads – and it’s arriving just in time for locals and visitors to enjoy over the summer holidays.”

“Beaches are key to the Bellarine’s economy, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer. Investing in the protection of these beaches is an investment in the region’s tourism and its future.”

“By taking steps to counter erosion along these beaches, we’re managing and adapting to the impacts of climate change.”