Planning is underway to remove and tow the bioWAVE unit from waters to the west of Port Fairy to the Port of Portland where it will be dismantled and then recycled.

This operation may be visible to some communities in the area, but due to the isolated location, it will not cause any disruptions to boat users.

Importantly, DELWP will be ensuring that this area is fully rehabilitated with minimal impact to marine life or the sea-bed and nearby reef system during the decommissioning process, which will also include the removal of an electrical cable attached to the mainland electrical grid.

The Port Fairy Pilot Wave Energy Project was deployed in 2015, with the aim of investigating the potential for producing electricity from wave action. The testing period for the project ceased in 2017.

More information on the bioWAVE project:

Port Fairy Wave Energy Project Decommissioning (DOCX, 428.9 KB)

Port Fairy Wave Energy Project Decommissioning (PDF, 213.0 KB)

Page last updated: 27/07/20