With the days becoming warmer and COVID-19 restrictions easing, trail bike riders in regional Victoria are expected to flock to forests, parks and reserves to enjoy the outdoors.

Trail bike riders are being reminded to do the right thing by staying on formed roads. Riding off-road has a significant impact on the environment by causing soil erosion and damage to native vegetation.

Walking tracks are not designed for motorbikes and riders pose a risk to others using the trails.

Riders must hold a motorcycle licence or learner’s permit and motorcycles must be registered (either full or recreation registration).

Unregistered motorbikes, quad bikes, all-terrain vehicles and side by side vehicles cannot be legally operated in state forests.

When riding, you are sharing the forest, so it’s important to remember these key points:

  • Stay on the formed roads and vehicle tracks – do not ride on natural terrain, in streams, or on informal single tracks
  • For your own safety, always ride with others and wear full personal protective equipment (PPE), including a helmet
  • Always carry a first aid kit, as well as a reliable means of communication. We know that the first hour after injury is critical to good recovery outcomes - make sure you are prepared
  • Unload and start your trail bike away from residents adjoining state forests (you value your riding, they value their peace and quiet)
  • Keep your speed and noise down when in, or near, camping and picnic areas, or approaching other forest users

For more information on the rules and regulations please visit: www.ffm.vic.gov.au/recreational-activities/trail-bike-riding

Quotes attributable to Chief Conservation Regulator, Kate Gavens: 

“Trailbike riding is a great way for licensed riders with registered trail bikes to explore Victoria’s forests and parks – but it’s essential to stay on the formed roads and vehicle tracks to protect the environment we all enjoy.”

“Our forest and wildlife officers will being undertaking patrols across the state to make sure people are doing the right thing."

“We know Regional Victorian’s are excited to get out and enjoy the great outdoors more than ever, but they must ride safely, responsibly and show consideration to others.”