Exploring our sense of identify and place in Victoria is her favourite part of the job. Executive Officer at Heritage Council of Victoria, Rhonda McLaren, works to recognise, manage and protect places and objects that are of state-level, cultural heritage significance. 

“Flexible working is just as important for men and that by supporting this, DELWP are setting an example for other departments and industries.” 

As a woman, how do you see your role in helping to address imbalances that still exist today? 

By modelling different ways of balancing family and work I hope that it shows that, while not always easy, you can work in more senior roles and be supported in that. As a manager I aim to support both my female and male staff members to work flexibly and take parental leave. It is pretty clear that - without men also taking up the opportunity to take parental leave and shoulder some of the family responsibilities -  the work towards addressing the gender imbalance will stall.  

How important is being able to work flexibly at DELWP in advancing the gender balance?

Flexible working arrangements are essential. While women still shoulder the majority of the responsibilities for child care and household management it would be incredibly difficult for women to work in senior roles without working flexibly. As noted above I also believe that flexible working is just as important for men and that by supporting this DELWP are setting an example for other departments and industries.  

Tell us a little bit about your role at DELWP 

As the Executive Officer I manage the Secretariat and support the Heritage Council of Victoria to fulfil its functions. It is an interesting and varied job, working with a small but hardworking (and fun!) group of people. The best part of the role is working with the Council members to explore what it is that Victorians see as being important to them and their sense of identity and place. 

What does International Women's Day mean to you? 

International Women’s Day is a chance to recognise the achievements of women around the world and to consider our role both at work and in the broader community. For me it is also a reminder and call to action to not get complacent and to continue working towards gender equality.

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