More to Explore - Dogs in Port Phillip State Forest

The More to Explore interactive app, which helps the community to get out and explore Victoria’s incredible state forests, is now available on Android devices.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Forest Recreation & Assets Coordinator, Richard Wadsworth said There’s never been a better time to discover our state forests, and the More to Explore app will help Victorians connect with nature in new ways.

“The release of the More to Explore app for Android devices coincides with an update to the already available Apple version, Mr Wadsworth said.

“The app provides comprehensive information to help people use and enjoy Victoria’s 3.1 million hectares of state forest and its network of approximately 400 visitor sites and 250 recreational trails.
“The app has been designed to help users navigate when out in the forest to find trails and sites that suit their needs and interests.

“The app allows you to plan your visit before even leaving the house, using the search function to find the ideal state forest site or trail.

“If visiting areas likely to be out of mobile phone range or with limited mobile reception – explorers can download maps onto a mobile device, to enable offline navigation and location on the map using the device’s GPS function.
“The new and improved More to Explore app includes enhanced search functions, upgraded road information, new integrated capabilities for offline maps and an emergency location function.”

The More to Explore app is available for iPhones from the App Store and for Androids in the Google Play store.

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Page last updated: 27/07/20