Storage levels 13% lowerThe 2018 Annual Water Outlook for Victoria shows most of the state’s water supplies are on track to meet urban and rural needs for the coming year.

The Annual Water Outlook for Victoria is released by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) each year to ensure the community is well informed about the state’s water supplies. It considers seasonal conditions the state has experienced in 2018, as well as short and long-range forecasts for 2019, to provide a detailed overview of Victoria’s water availability for the next 12 months.

Melbourne and major regional cities including Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat will all have enough water to meet demand for the coming year and are not expected to face water restrictions in 2019.

The outlook shows regional urban water corporations are not expecting water restrictions under average forecast conditions, however if this summer is dry with low rainfall, or lowest on record, restrictions may be necessary in some regional Victorian towns.

Drier than average conditions experienced this year in the northern and eastern parts of the state have resulted in poorer than expected water storage levels.

Levels across Victoria’s major water storages are 13 per cent lower than at the same time last year, however storages remain relatively healthy.

For rural users, while allocations have been made in regulated systems, and groundwater supplies are enough to meet demand, rainfall deficiencies will impact unregulated waterway systems across much of the state.

Licence holders in many unregulated waterways are expected to face restrictions in order to help manage irrigation and domestic and stock demands, and environmental needs, across summer and autumn.

The Annual Water Outlook is a compilation of the annual water outlooks prepared by all Victorian urban and rural water corporations as of December 2018.

It’s a timely reminder for all Victorians to be conscious of their water use as we prepare for the impacts of climate change, with the warming and drying trend we’ve seen over recent decades expected to continue in 2019.

This is the fourth year a state annual outlook has been prepared and demonstrates our continued commitment to transparency in the way we manage the state’s precious water resources.

DELWP will work closely with the water sector, including water corporations and the community, to help secure water supplies for current and future generations and support liveable and resilient communities.

View the Annual Water Outlook here

Page last updated: 27/07/20