The 2020-21 State Budget was released on the 24 November 2020. Visit the Victorian Budget for detailed information.

The Victorian Government has allocated $3.25 billion to the DELWP portfolios.

Aerial view of wind farm

Powering Victoria’s growth with clean energy

Delivering the largest clean energy investment and household energy efficiency package in any state’s history.

$1.6 billion to accelerate Victoria’s transition to clean energy,  create thousands of jobs, lower energy bills and drive down emissions.

Delivering the next phase of Victoria's energy transition

$540 million to establish six Renewable Energy Zones across Victoria that will unlock new renewable energy investment supporting regional economic growth and jobs.

Innovative renewable energy and hydrogen projects

$108 million to prepare Victoria for innovative and transformational renewable energy technologies, including offshore wind and renewable hydrogen.

Clean energy to power 100% of the Victorian Government

$12.6 million to bring more than 600 megawatts of new, clean energy online through the second Victorian Renewable Energy Target auction – enough to power 100% of the Victorian Government with renewable energy, from public transport to schools and government buildings.

$31 million for the new Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund providing grants to help large energy users to introduce energy efficiency and demand management technologies to reduce costs.

Support for zero-emissions vehicles

$25 million to accelerate the uptake of zero-emissions vehicles.

Community-owned renewable energy projects

$26.7 million in funding to support microgrids, neighbourhood batteries and community-owned renewable energy projects.

Developing Victoria’s Gas Roadmap

$3.72 million to enable the development of a Gas Roadmap to support more efficient use of gas and support opportunities for electrification and alternative fuels.

Helping Victorians with their energy bills

$335 million to replace old wood, electric or gas-fired heaters with new energy-efficient systems that are safer and cheaper to run.

$112 million towards sealing windows and doors and upgrading heating and hot water in 35,000 social housing properties.

$128 million for one-off $250 Power Saving Bonus payments to help eligible concession card holders to pay their energy bills.

$14 million to expand the Victorian Energy Upgrades program ensuring more Victorian households access discounted energy efficient products and services.

$5.9 million to establish a new 7-star energy efficiency standard for new homes to improve energy performance and reduce running costs.

$3.6 million to develop minimum energy efficiency standards for rented homes that reduce energy costs and improve comfort.

$22.6 million to maintain a safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy system, protect consumers under the existing Energy Fairness Plan and deliver programs that lower energy bills, including the Victorian Energy Compare website.

Expanding the Solar Homes program

$191 million to expand the Solar Homes program with more rebates for rooftop panels, residential batteries, and new rebates for small businesses to install rooftop panels.

Photograph of Wilsons Promontory

We're investing in sustainable recovery

Protecting nature for all to enjoy it and continuing to address climate change, helping the health of our economy, environment and the wellbeing of Victorians.

$523.2 million to protecting vulnerable wilderness and improving visitor facilities so more people can get out and enjoy Victoria’s natural wonders

Better visitor facilities at iconic locations

$80 million to improve facilities at Grampians National Park, Alpine National Park, Cape Conran Coastal Park, the Mallacoota Inlet and Point Hicks Lighthouse.

Wilsons Promontory

That $80 million includes $23 million for a 50,000-hectare biodiversity sanctuary and visitors centre at Wilsons Promontory.

Great Ocean Road

$47.5 million for better visitor access along the Great Ocean Road including the start of a new signature trail.

Better parks

$52 million to improve playgrounds and other facilities at parks in Melbourne and beyond.

Yellingbo Conservation Area

$10 million to protect the area and boost tourism opportunities.

Biodiversity bushfire recovery

$29 million more to restore biodiversity affected by the 2019-20 bushfires

Supporting community action on the environment

$48 million towards native plants and animals, managing Port Phillip Bay and Landcare.

Storing carbon in our landscape

$92 million to restore land and plant 4 million trees across more than 6,000 hectares.

Transforming Werribee Zoo

$84 million to turn Werribee Zoo into Australia’s leading open range Zoo.

Controlling wild dogs

More than $6 million to continue wild dog control in Gippsland and north-east Victoria.

Protecting our coast from climate change

$16 million to safeguard the future of our state’s coastline from Climate Change by supporting projects that build resilience in our marine and coastal areas.

Controlling wild deer

$18 million over 4 years to control growing numbers of wild deer.

Investing in regional recycling

$40.9 million investment to build regional recycling facilities as we transform waste and recycling.

2 men working on a building site. 1 using a power tool and the otehr watching.

Planning revamp to boost economic recovery and jobs

Improving the efficiency of Victoria’s planning system will help make sure our state’s recovery isn’t held back by bureaucratic red tape or unnecessary delays.

$111 million will go to unlocking Victoria’s planning system, speeding up delivery of vital major projects and boosting construction of social and affordable housing – and the jobs that go with them.

Improving the planning process

$38 million to improve planning processes, as recommended by the Commissioner for Better Regulation, streamlining decision-making and giving the private sector greater certainty to invest, create jobs and bring their business to Victoria.

New assessment model for big projects

To drive investment in big projects, the Victorian Government will create a new assessment model for development proposals greater than $50 million. This model will make the approvals process simpler and quicker for these developments, giving investors even more confidence to build more projects here in Victoria – creating more jobs for Victorians.

Boosting the construction of new social and affordable housing

$3.86 million to streamline the approval pathway of new social and affordable housing, making it easier for private builders to include social and affordable housing in their developments.

Upgrading digital planning permit systems

$4 million to help councils upgrade their digital planning permit systems making it easier to lodge and track permits online, speeding up the process and reducing the hassle of having to lodge paperwork in person.

Funding the Streamlining for Growth program

$14 million will be provided to the Victorian Planning Authority, including to funding the Streamlining for Growth program. The program provides support to local councils to fast-track local planning applications, boosting employment and making housing more affordable.

Digital Twin Victoria

$2.2 million towards a trial of an innovative new 3D spatial data program called Digital Twin Victoria. The trial will bring together a whole host of currently disparate spatial data to develop digital models of Victoria – making it easier to accurately assess and plan projects remotely.

Growing the VBA's building inspection program

$4.45 million to expand the Victorian Building Authority’s pro-active building inspection program to better assess the safety of building and plumbing works in new developments across Victoria.

Safeguarding heritage protection

$4.4 million to ensure heritage protection for Jacksons Hill Sunbury, maintaining its numerous heritage – maintaining its numerous heritage-listed buildings and protecting the site’s surrounds while a master plan is developed.

Continuing our legacy of livability and sustainability

$3.2 million to continue the implementation of Plan Melbourne – the blueprint guiding Melbourne’s growth, ensuring we continue to plan for strong communities, jobs, and everything that makes our city great.

Picture of a waterway

Securing sustainable water use for our future

Building on the commitments made in 2016’s Water for Victoria - the Government's plan for secure sustainable water use - while managing the impact of climate change and a growing population

$562.27 million to water projects over the next four years to deliver environmental, economic, cultural and social benefits to the state’s waterways for all Victorians to enjoy into the future.

Protecting and restoring waterways

$224 million to continue the protection and restoration of Victoria’s regional waterways and catchments for communities. This initiative will deliver on Water for Victoria commitments through integrated programs including on-ground environmental works; management of environmental water; integrated catchment management, water statutory planning, referral and advice functions; critical monitoring; engagement; and strategy renewal.

Working with Traditional Owners to build capacity in waterway management

$21 million to continue to build Traditional Owners’ capacity in waterway management and deliver projects, supporting progress to self-determination for Traditional Owners through the continuation of funding of 23 jobs for Aboriginal Water Officers.

Enhancing urban water security, iconic urban waterways and recreational water

$65 million to contribute to cooler, greener cities and towns; affordable, accessible water and healthier water environments for our communities to use and enjoy. It will support broader water industry efforts to offset the impacts of urbanisation on water supplies and the environment through the implementation of key government initiatives including its Integrated Water Management Program, Boosting Recreational Values Program and Urban Waterways Program.

Sharing water equitably in communities

$28 million to ensure water is shared equitably and transparently across Victorian communities to enable the efficient movement of water trade and the use of water. Monitoring the water entitlement framework to improve the certainty of rights and obligations. Also, increase the reliability of entitlements and access to water.

Improving the delivery of water availability information

$59.7 million to enable the delivery of essential water availability information that underpins water security for Victoria. This includes enhanced monitoring and reporting on water resources, water quality and volume, climate research and impact assessments including $1.6 million for works on the State Observation Bore network.

Improving on-farm water use

$5 million to support irrigation modernisations projects and help improve on-farm water use. This funding helps support governance and oversight of the final stages of the just-completed Connections Project.

This funding will mean all contractual and compliance activities are fulfilled to provide the State and Australian Government assurance the $2 billion investment has delivered a value for money investment in a transparent and accountable manner.

Working with industry and local government

$10.6 million for a package of Integrated Water Management (IWM) projects. We will work with industry and local government partners to support IWM, including the productive use of recycled water and stormwater.

Upgrading the Victorian Water Register platform

$42 million to transition the Victorian Water Register (VWR) to a new technology platform. Enhance the functionality for delivery of online water market services.

Being prepared for floods and emergencies

$26 million to prepare Victorians for floods and emergencies which will help communities understand and manage their flood risk, minimising the consequences of future floods on life, property, and local economies. Some of the projects include; flood mapping and flood data collection, review and upgrade of some local warning systems and community flood preparation arrangements, flood mitigation infrastructure and further updates to the FloodZoom intelligence platform.

Supporting farmers and creating local jobs

$10.9 million state contribution to Macalister Irrigation District Modernisation Project – Phase 2 of the infrastructure project.

Helping Victorians use water more wisely

$11 million to continue the Water Efficiency Program, which helps Victorians use water more wisely, targeting the residential, community and school sectors to increase water efficiency and behaviour change campaigns and rebate programs. Programs that will continue include the Schools Water Efficiency Program, Community Rebate and Housing Programs. The Government will also continue to deliver the Target 155 and Target Your Water Use campaigns, to promote water efficiency across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Improving water security

$21.6 million invested in delivering improved water security and resilience for Victorians now and into the future. It will build on existing government policy in Water for Victoria to respond to the increasingly challenging threats to our water security.  Through review, development and renewal of regional Sustainable Water Strategies and implementation of strategic water planning and management reforms including $3 million to improve dam safety at three of the highest risk small dams in Victoria.

Safeguarding Bendigo's urban waterways

$3.5 million for the groundwater treatment program to safeguard Bendigo’s urban waterways.

Forest and fire management

Protecting communities and the environment through bushfire management

Building on a highly effective approach delivering outcomes into the future.

$82 million to develop strategic fuel breaks and manage bushfire risk in a changing climate

Protecting communities with fuel breaks

$36 million to build and upgrade 1,447 kms of fuel breaks to protect communities, catchments, the environment and local economies from bushfire. The funding will target the highest priority areas of Victoria, next to townships, critical infrastructure and key assets to control fires before they impact communities.

Advancing bushfire management

$46 million will be invested into Advanced Bushfire Management, responding to recommendations from the IGEM Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season. This funding will expand on the highly effective risk-based fuel management approach by FFMVic, employing more firefighters and strengthening our bushfire risk modelling and evaluation. It will be invested in more mechanical treatment to support planned burning and support Traditional Owners to lead the reintroduction of cultural fire practices.

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