Our partners include:

Our Community charter guides our formal and informal interactions with communities.

This includes:

  • connecting with local networks
  • building capacity
  • improving the way we communicate.

These changes will help us to achieve objectives for our shared environment and improve outcomes for local communities.

DEWLP works closely with clients, partners and stakeholders to create livable, inclusive and sustainable communities, support jobs and growth in Victoria.

Our partners

They include:

We also work closely with the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability and the Victorian Water Trust Advisory Council.

Our clients and stakeholders

They include:

  • Aboriginal communities
  • Land and water managers, planners, developers and information users
  • Animal welfare groups
  • Environmental, tourism, sport and recreation groups
  • Industry-based research and development corporations
  • Building industry and real estate organisations
  • Community and special interest groups
  • Financial institutions
  • Key employer associations and unions
  • Local, state, territory and Commonwealth governments, agencies and authorities
  • Media organisations and communication carriers
  • Local, national and international business organisations

Page last updated: 08/11/21