“I've always been an animal lover, particularly of our unique native wildlife.

Following the 2016 Wye River/Lorne bushfires The Surf Coast Wildlife Shelters Inc put out a call on their Facebook page for mittens and pouches to use for injured animals.

Having responded to a similar request to another bushfire many years earlier, my mother and I got onto it. Me knitting the pouches and Mum sewing the calico liners. We used the patterns and instructions on the WIRES website.

Fast forward to the current bushfires. There's been so many heartbreaking images of suffering animals over the past few months, I had to do something to help. I dug out a stash of calico liners waiting to be sent where needed. Here I've hit a bit of a road block. Where best to send them?

Facebook has changed many aspects of our lives including donating and volunteering. Many grassroots organisations have sprung up and evolved.

The Animal Rescue Craft Guild (ARCCG) is one such organisation and my research suggests this is considered the best place to donate a range of goods and services for injured animals. It coordinates the collection and delivery of needed goods to rescue centres via a network of hubs.

Thanks to the global attention of the bushfires, ARCG has been inundated with goods from around the world. They have temporarily shut their collection hubs in Victoria while they undertake a stock take.”

Some animal welfare organisations have advised that sewn and knitted goods, including mittens and pouches for wildlife, are no longer required.

Please check with your local wildlife shelters and carers regarding any further need.

You can support fire-affected wildlife by donating to the Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. 100% of funds raised will be used to support bushfire affected wildlife and their habitats.

Useful resources

ARCCG Facebook page (Patterns are in the Files section)

Rescue Craft Collective (VIC)

WIRES patterns

Page last updated: 07/02/20